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ORCID iD: 0000-0003-0831-9473


  • “Gender and Career Progression: Evidence from the Banco de España”, with Olympia Bover and Ana Lamo  (in progress)
  • “Gender Differences on Career Progression at the Banco de Portugal”, with Hugo Reis  (in progress)
  • “Having a Chance to Present: Causal Effect of Conference Attendance on Cites and Publications”, with Carlos Sanz and Perihan Saygin (in progress)
  • “Income Uncertainty and Non-linear Dynamics: A Subjective Expectations Framework, with Henrique S. Basso , Olympia Bover, and Julio Galvez (in progress)
  • “Lifetime Income Inequality and Mobility in Spain”, with Ignasi Merediz Solà  (in progress)


BdE Research Update: Feature


BdE Research Update: Feature

BdE Research Update: Feature.

Media coverage (in Spanish): El Confidencial.

Replication files: Github’s link.
Media coverage (in Spanish): El Confidencial.

  • “The Gender Promotion Gap: Evidence from Central Banking”, with Luc Laeven  and Ana Lamo , Review of Economics and Statistics, 104(5), 981–996, 2022, DOI: Banco de España WP 1915 April 2019, CEPR DP13678, ECB Working Paper Series 2265, IZA DP 12306

BdE Research Update: Feature
CEPR eBook: chapter
ECB Research Bulletin: article
Media coverage: El Diario (in Spanish), El País (in Spanish), New York Times
NEG Non-technical summary of the paper (in Spanish): nadaesgratis 2022

Vox EU: article

Media coverage (in Spanish): ABC, El Confidencial, El Diario, El Mundo, El País, La Vanguardia, Twitter, and more.

  • “Gender Gaps in the Evaluation of Research: Evidence from Submissions to Economics Conferences”, with Carlos Sanz, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 83(3), 590-618, 2021, DOI: Banco de España WP 1918, IZA DP 12494

CEPR eBook: chapter
Media coverage: EEA Media Briefings, El Diario (in Spanish), NEG (in Spanish), New York Times, Times Higher Education

LSE Business Review: article
Media coverage (in Spanish): La Vanguardia
NEG Non-technical summary of the paper (in Spanish): nadaesgratis 2012, nadaesgratis 2017 (with results for a longer time period)
Vox EU: article

Media coverage (in Spanish): El Confidencial
NEG Non-technical summary of the paper (in Spanish): nadaesgratis

  • “Wage Dynamics in the Presence of Unobserved Individual and Job Heterogeneity”. Labour Economics, 33, 81-93, 2015, DOI: Previously circulated under the title “Job Changes and Individual – Job Specific Wage Dynamics”. Banco de España WP 0907 2009, IZA DP 5088
  • “Modelling Heterogeneity and Dynamics in the Volatility of Individual Wages”, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 27, 386-414, 2012, DOI:
  • “Gender differences in Wage Growth and Job Mobility of Young Workers in Spain”, Investigaciones Económicas, 33(1), 5-37, 2009. Published paper January 2009.


  • “The Spanish Productivity Puzzle”, Productivity Puzzles Across Europe, edited by Philippe Askenazy, Lutz Bellmann, Alex Bryson, and Eva Moreno Galbis, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 9780198786160, Chapter 8, with Eva Moreno Galbis, 2016.



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Media coverage (in Spanish): ABC, El Confidencial,, El Mundo, El País, La Vanguardia, Twitter, and more

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