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ORCID iD: 0000-0003-0831-9473


  • “Gender and Career Progression: Evidence from the Banco de España”, with Olympia Bover and Ana Lamo  (in progress)
  • “Gender Differences on Career Progression at the Banco de Portugal”, with Hugo Reis  (in progress)
  • “Gender gaps in financial literacy: a multi-arm RCT to break the response bias in surveys”, with Nagore Iriberri and  Margarita Machelett  (in progress)
  • “Having a Chance to Present: Causal Effect of Conference Attendance on Cites and Publications”, with Carlos Sanz and Perihan Saygin (in progress)
  • “Income Uncertainty and Non-linear Dynamics: A Subjective Expectations Framework, with Henrique S. Basso , Olympia Bover, and Julio Galvez (in progress)
  • “Lifetime Income Inequality and Mobility in Spain”, with Ignasi Merediz Solà  (in progress)


BdE Research Update: Feature


  • “The Impact of High School Financial Education on Financial Knowledge and Saving Choices: Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Spain”, with Olympia Bover  and Ernesto Villanueva. To appear in the Journal of Human Resources. Banco de España WP 1801 January 2018, CEPR DP12632 2018, IZA DP 11265 2018. Last revised June 2023Online appendix

BdE Research Update: Feature

BdE Research Update: Feature.

Media coverage (in Spanish): El Confidencial.

Replication files: Github’s link.
Media coverage (in Spanish): El Confidencial.

  • “The Gender Promotion Gap: Evidence from Central Banking”, with Luc Laeven  and Ana Lamo , Review of Economics and Statistics, 104(5), 981–996, 2022, DOI: Banco de España WP 1915 April 2019, CEPR DP13678, ECB Working Paper Series No. 2265, IZA DP 12306.

BdE Research Update: Feature
CEPR eBook: chapter
ECB Research Bulletin: article
Media coverage: El Diario (in Spanish), El País (in Spanish), New York Times
NEG Non-technical summary of the paper (in Spanish): nadaesgratis 2022

Vox EU: article

Media coverage (in Spanish): ABC, El Confidencial, El Diario, El Mundo, El País, La Vanguardia, Twitter, and more.

  • “Gender Gaps in the Evaluation of Research: Evidence from Submissions to Economics Conferences”, with Carlos Sanz, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 83(3), 590-618, 2021, DOI: Banco de España WP 1918, IZA DP 12494.

CEPR eBook: chapter
Media coverage: EEA Media Briefings, El Diario (in Spanish), NEG (in Spanish), New York Times, Times Higher Education

  • “The Cycle of Earnings Inequality: Evidence from Spanish Social Security Data”, with Stéphane Bonhomme, Economic Journal, 127(603), 1244–1278, 2017, DOI: Banco de España WP 1225 2012, CEMFI WP 1209 2012, IZA DP 6669 2012.

LSE Business Review: article
Media coverage (in Spanish): La Vanguardia
NEG Non-technical summary of the paper (in Spanish): nadaesgratis 2012, nadaesgratis 2017 (with results for a longer time period)
Vox EU: article

Media coverage (in Spanish): El Confidencial
NEG Non-technical summary of the paper (in Spanish): nadaesgratis

  • “Wage Dynamics in the Presence of Unobserved Individual and Job Heterogeneity”. Labour Economics, 33, 81-93, 2015, DOI: Previously circulated under the title “Job Changes and Individual – Job Specific Wage Dynamics”. Banco de España WP 0907 2009, IZA DP 5088 2010.
  • “Modelling Heterogeneity and Dynamics in the Volatility of Individual Wages”, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 27, 386-414, 2012, DOI:
  • “Gender differences in Wage Growth and Job Mobility of Young Workers in Spain”, Investigaciones Económicas, 33(1), 5-37, 2009. Published paper January 2009.


  • “The Spanish Productivity Puzzle”, Productivity Puzzles Across Europe, edited by Philippe Askenazy, Lutz Bellmann, Alex Bryson, and Eva Moreno Galbis, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 9780198786160, Chapter 8, with Eva Moreno Galbis, 2016.


  • Gender Economics, Estudios de Economía Aplicada, Volume 34-1, ISSN: 1133-3197 (Print) 1697-5731 (Online), 2016.


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Media coverage (in Spanish): ABC, El Confidencial,, El Mundo, El País, La Vanguardia, Twitter, and more

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