About Me

Full CV:

CV – September 2021 (pdf file).

Short Bio:

I am the Unit Head of the Microeconomic Analysis Unit, within the Structural Analysis and Microeconomic Studies Department, at the DG Economics, Statistics and Research of the Banco de España. I obtained my Ph.D. in November 2007 at CEMFI and University of Santiago de Compostela. From September to December of 2006 I was a Graduate Affiliate Research Student at UCL. I joined IZA as a Research Affiliate from August 2006 to December 2012, and as a Research Fellow since January 2013. In October 2007 I was awarded the Journal of Applied Econometrics Dissertation Prize for my paper entitled Modelling Heterogeneity and Dynamics in the Volatility of Individual Wages, and in June 2012 the Young Researchers ALdE Prize for my paper entitled The Cycle of Earnings Inequality: Evidence from Spanish Social Security Data (joint work with Stéphane Bonhomme).

My research interests include earnings dynamics and wage inequality, labour supply and labour mobility, gender economics, and financial competences. My research has been published in the Review of Economics and Statistics, Economic Journal, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics, and Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, among others.

I am also part of the team in charge of the new Survey of Financial Competences (ECF), a joint initiative of the Banco de España and the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores under the Financial Education Plan with the aim of measuring the financial competences of the adult population in Spain.

For more details, please see my full CV.

CEMFI Alumni Association:

I am the president of the CEMFI Alumni Association. This association aims, on the one hand, to become the meeting point for all alumni of CEMFI’s Master and PhD programs, and on the other, help contributing to the good image and prestige of the institution. Currently the Association brings together more than 500 alumni that successfully finished CEMFI’s program.


For several years, I have been member of the executive board of COSME, a subcommittee of the Spanish Economic Association founded to monitor the status of women in the economics profession and to undertake activities that improve their position.

Spanish Economic Association:

From 2017 to 2019, I was council member of the Spanish Economic Association. This association aims at promoting the dissemination of scientific knowledge in Economics, by organizing congresses, promoting publications and, in general, through any other means leading to that goal.


From 2011 to 2016, I was the secretary of the European Society for Population Economics. For more details, please go to the ESPE website.