Survey of Financial Competences (ECF)

The Survey of Financial Competences (ECF) 2016 was a joint initiative of the Banco de España and the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores under the Financial Education Plan and also included in the National Statistics Plan.

It was conducted between 2016 Q4 and 2017 Q2 with the aim of measuring the financial competences of the adult population in Spain.

The study benefited from the cooperation of the National Statistics Institute, which drawn up a large sample of randomly selected individuals, representative of the entire Spanish territory and of each of its regions (Comunidades Autónomas).

By means of personal interviews, information was collected both on the financial knowledge of the person chosen at random to reply to the interview and on the knowledge available in the interviewee’s household.

The ECF is part of an international project coordinated by the International Financial Education Network of the OECD. This allows for comparison of the financial competences of the Spanish population with those of a large group of countries.

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